How To Access Class Properties From A Base Abstract Class

I’m trying to design a base abstract class that can gather all the properties from classes that are inherited from it. I’m getting the name fine, but getting the value is not working. I get the runtime error "Object does not match target". Any help is much appreciated.

 public string Get()
        string ret = "";
        var type = GetType();
        foreach (PropertyInfo p in this.GetType().GetProperties())
             ret += p.Name + "`" + p.GetValue(type) + "~";
            //i've also tried
            //ret += p.Name + "`" + p.GetValue(this) + "~";

        ret = ret.TrimEnd('~');
        return ret;

>Solution :

Parameter count mismatch.

It seems that one of the properties is an indexer, you can ignore such properties by checking GetIndexParameters on the PropertyInfo (or process it accordingly if needed):

if (!p.GetIndexParameters().Any())
    ret += p.Name + "`" + p.GetValue(this) + "~";

Demo with the runtime exception

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