Creating a 1D axes in a 3D scene – Manim

so I’m trying to create a 1d axes and I’m failing. what I’m trying to achieve is a line with a tip that is numbered correctly and I zoom in the camera so that it shows a 2D view of the axes, and then I change the camera orientation and it rotates around the 1D axes. How can I achieve the 1D axes ?

I tried to set the length of one axis to zero but that didn’t work because the tip was sticking out !
axes = Axes( x_length=10, y_length=0, )
I tried to hide it’s tip but I didn’t find a way!

>Solution :

A NumberLine gives you a proper 1D-axis
ManimCE documentation

enter image description here

Even though I don’t quite understand what you exactly want to do…

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