pandas to_csv using latin script Ç as separator?

My team uses a Ç (ALT 0199) as a separator in their CSV files. I’m trying to replicate using this in Pandas, but not having any luck. Any guidance is appreciated as I’m new to Pandas

results.to_csv('filename.csv', encoding='latin1', sep='Ç')

SyntaxError: (unicode error) ‘utf-8’ can’t decode byte 0xc7

>Solution :

The fact that you get a SyntaxError seems to indicate that Python can’t even read your program, let alone run it. It would seem that your Python source code file is encoded as iso-8859-1 (a.k.a latin-1), but Python thinks it’s in the default utf-8 encoding. Try adding a comment at the beginning of the file:

# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-

See the Lexical Analysis chapter of the language reference for details.

Alternatively, avoid using "funny" characters in the source code, and do

results.to_csv(blabla, sep='\u00c7')

(And seriously, if you need to use funny separators in your "C"SV:s, then something, somewhere, isn’t using a proper CSV parser. Chaos awaits in your future…)

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