Array formula with IF not populating collumn in google sheets

I cannot seem to make my arrayformula pupolate downards from the first referenced row for some reason

I have 15 ish formulas in an active document that I would like the to autopopulate with the formulas when I create new rows.

The way to do this seems to be ArrayFormula and changing the references from say O2 to O2:O to make it populate the sheet

I am making some basic error here and I need some assistance 🙂

link to test sheet *some headers are in Swedish (sorry) 🙂

my testing; *** this is in the example sheet in G1

*orig formula which works fine dragging into new rows

*the formula checks for empty cells and if not it will calculate a percentage based on other furmulas

*array with original formula + header row
={"Klar"; ArrayFormula(IF(AND(O2=""),"",IFERROR(MAX((V2)/X2,0))))}
**this results in O2 populating as expected

With somehow incorrect references which I hoped would populate the whole collumn
={"Klar"; ArrayFormula(IF(AND(O2:O=""),"",IFERROR(MAX((V2:V)/X2:X,0))))}

I expect the formula to currently populate O2-> O6 and to go into new rows with data when they appear.
I also expect to be able to do arrays for all 15 collumns.

>Solution :

Use MAP() function. I have made this formula based on your provided formula =IF(AND(O2=""),"",IFERROR(MAX(($V2)/$X2,0))).


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