Converting JSON list to dictionary

I am using python and have the following JSON block, json_player, which is stored as a list:

        "id": "name",
        "value": "john"
        "id": "sport",
        "value": "baseball"
        "id": "age",
        "value": "20"

Note that this is the resulting block from:

json_object = json.loads(df['customFields'])
json_player = json_object['player']

I know that I can access individual strings within json_player using the following code:


Which would return the string john.

However, I would like to be able to call individual key-value pairs by name, rather than index, in order to protect myself if underlying JSON order changes. For example:


would return john. Can anyone tell me how I would do this?

>Solution :

You can easily construct the dictionary using a dict comprehension:

data = {
    item["id"]: item["value"]
    for item in json_player
# => {'name': 'john', 'sport': 'baseball', 'age': '20'}

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