Nexus Blobstore on AWS S3 via Terraform: Error: could not read blobstore of type "S3": HTTP: 404

I just upgraded my Nexus on my Kubernetes cluster on AWS EKS using Helm via Terraform and I started getting the following error:

Error: could not read blobstore "nexus-bucket-staging" of type "S3": HTTP: 404

Versions comparison table is below:

Version Nexus App Version Helm Nexus Chart Version Helm Nexus Chart Name Helm Nexus Chart Repository
Old 3.29.0 4.1.0 sonatype-nexus
New 3.58.1 58.1.0 nexus-repository-manager

Terraform Version: v0.14.11

Terraform Provider for Nexus Link: Terraform > Nexus Provider

Terraform Provider for Nexus Version: v1.12.0

What is the reason? How to fix it? It was working fine before and I didn’t change anything in the blobstore Terraform resource.

>Solution :

Upgrade your Terraform provider for Nexus to a later version, for example, to version 1.21.2.

Most probably the newer Nexus version doesn’t work well with the older Terraform provider for Nexus.

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