Authentication failing in ServiceStack integration test

I have scaffolded a ServiceStack project with authentication, and have applied the [Authenticate] attribute to one of my services. The authentication process works fine when I launch the application and log in and execute the service.

However, I am struggling with getting this to work in an Integration Test. It keeps failing with a Unauthorized response.

Here is my integration test:

public class IntegrationTest
    const string BaseUri = "http://localhost:2000/";
    private readonly ServiceStackHost appHost;

    class AppHost : AppSelfHostBase
        public AppHost() : base(nameof(IntegrationTest),
            typeof(MyServices).Assembly) { 

        public override void Configure(Container container)
            container.Register<IDbConnectionFactory>(c =>
                new OrmLiteConnectionFactory("Server=*redacted*;User Id=*redacted*;Password=*redacted*;..."));
            container.Register<IAuthRepository>(c =>
                new OrmLiteAuthRepository<Framework.Types.AppUser, UserAuthDetails>(c.Resolve<IDbConnectionFactory>())
                    UseDistinctRoleTables = true

            Plugins.Add(new AuthFeature(() => new Framework.Types.TenantUserSession(),
                    new IAuthProvider[] {
                        new CredentialsAuthProvider(AppSettings),     /* Sign In with Username / Password credentials */

            var authRepo = container.Resolve<IAuthRepository>();
            CreateUser(authRepo, "", "Admin User", "p@55wOrd", roles:new[]{ RoleNames.Admin });

    static void CreateUser(IAuthRepository authRepo, string email, string name, string password, string[] roles)
        if (authRepo.GetUserAuthByUserName(email) == null)
            var newAdmin = new Framework.Types.AppUser { Email = email, DisplayName = name };
            var user = authRepo.CreateUserAuth(newAdmin, password);
            authRepo.AssignRoles(user, roles);
    public IntegrationTest()
        appHost = new AppHost()

    public void OneTimeTearDown() => appHost.Dispose();

    //Create the client with username and password of created user.
    public IServiceClient CreateClient() => new JsonServiceClient(BaseUri) { UserName = "", Password = "p@55wOrd" };

    public async Task Can_execute_authenticated_operation()
        var client = CreateClient();

        var response = await client.PostAsync(new Framework.ServiceModel.MetaOperationExecute()); //This line fails with 401 Unauthorized
        Assert.That(response.token, Is.Not.Null);

How do I get my test to be authenticated?

>Solution :

The UserName/Password for service clients is only for HTTP Basic Authentication using the BasicAuthProvider.

As you’re using CredentialsAuthProvider you’ll need to authenticate before calling protected services:

var client = new JsonServiceClient(BaseUri);

// Establishes authenticated client:
await client.PostAsync(new Authenticate {
    provider = "credentials",
    UserName = "", 
    Password = "p@55wOrd",

// Call protected service:
var response = await client.PostAsync(new MetaOperationExecute()); 

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