Issue while tying to pass array of class objects into html

Issue details

When I try to write following line in html, it says:

category_id is an unexported field of struct type Categories.Category

<option value="eded">{{ $element.category_id }}</option>

but when I try this <option value="eded">{{ $element }}</option> I get following results. therefore I can confirm data is being transferred successfully in html

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Category Handler code

type PageProps struct {
    Categories []Category

type Category struct {
    category_id int

type CategorydHandler struct {
    PageData PageProps

func Instantiate(pageProps PageProps) *CategorydHandler {
    return &CategorydHandler{
        PageData: pageProps,

func (pageData *CategorydHandler) GetCategories() []Category {
    query := "select * from tblcategory order by category_id"
    result, err := db.Query(query)
    for result.Next() {
        var objCategory Category
        pageData.PageData.Categories = append(pageData.PageData.Categories, objCategory)
    return pageData.PageData.Categories


categories := objCategories.GetCategories()

html code

<select multiple type="text">
    {{ range $index, $element := .Categories }}
        <option value="eded">{{ $element }}</option>
    {{ end }}        

>Solution :

Data is there, but you cannot access it by name, because it is not exported.

Export the field:

type Category struct {
    Category_id int  // Capitalize the field name to export it

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