Regular expression to get specific numbers from a string with a condition

I wish to extract “2” (00000002)the from below string. But the condition is that the string should start with *X1. I wish to have a generic regular expression as in if there will any number it should return it.

*X19845674367       00000002+000000000000123000KGS000CDH000002

I have tried this regex –


But it returns number all the strings,
But I wish have from a specific tag e.g. *X1

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

>Solution :

If you don’t want to use capturing groups, then another valid expression is this one:


Instead of ([1-9]+[0-9]*), creating a capturing group, you can also leave out the brackets – [1-9]+[0-9]*, works either way.

The expression allows for anything in front, then some spaces, then capturing the first number, but ignoring 0 prefixes.

You can play around with it and look at the in-depth explainations using the demo here:

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