count all cell-content in Excel 2019 with condition

Following up on my question, I am looking for help to use Excel 2019

  1. to count a number of cells that have content on one side (<>"") and after TRIM() should still contain content.

enter image description here

  1. This formula is to be extended by a condition (Boolean value in column A => TRUE).

enter image description here

Thank you for your assistance.

>Solution :

The result can only be TRUE (=1) or FALSE (=0). The multiplication 1 is necessary so that the result TRUE or FALSE is also correctly recognized as 0 or 1 in the matrix.

Formula used in cell B13.

  1. =SUMPRODUCT(1*(TRIM(B2:B11)<>""))

  2. =SUMPRODUCT(1*(A2:A11),1*(TRIM(B2:B11)<>""))

Try the formulas and report back if it works for you.

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