How do I print all values in a nested dictionary in one group, not line-by-line?

I am trying to create a function that allows the user to view my full dictionary. I want to be able to output each nested dictionary together in a neat formation Like this:, instead of printing it out line by line like this and this.

The dictioanry looks something like this:

#Dictionary for all the monster cards with a set of stats
monster_cards = {"Corpsemask":
                 {"Strength": 7,
                  "Speed": 1,
                  "Stealth": 25,
                  "Cunning": 15},
                 {"Strength": 1,
                  "Speed": 6,
                  "Stealth": 21,
                  "Cunning": 19},
                 {"Strength": 5,
                  "Speed": 15,
                  "Stealth": 18,
                  "Cunning": 22},
                 {"Strength": 15,
                  "Speed": 20,
                  "Stealth": 23,
                  "Cunning": 6}}

I am a beginner with programming, and am doing a practice assessment, so I have a certain character count per line which is why the code may look weird. I also have to use the easygui module.
Any advice for this issue?

def view_catalogue():
    if len(monster_cards) > 0:
        for card, card_stats in monster_cards.items():
            msg = easygui.msgbox("Monster: " + card)

            for key in card_stats:
                msg = easygui.msgbox(key + ": " + str(card_stats[key]))
        msg = easygui.msgbox("You have no monsters in your catalogue")

Here is my current function:

>Solution :

This is the problem:

for key in card_stats:
    msg = easygui.msgbox(key + ": " + str(card_stats[key]))

Each time through this loop, you’re making a brand-new message box with just one stat line.

As @RandomDavis commented above, you probably want to do it like this:

msg = ""
for key in card_stats:
    stat_line = key + ": " + str(card_stats[key]) + "\n"
    msg += stat_line

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