Taipy Scenarios not found after a rerun

I created a Taipy application to create scenarios with predictions and metrics, but when I rerun my code after stopping it, I lose all my scenarios and data. Where does it come from? How can I keep my scenarios and data?

>Solution :

By default, Taipy runs in development mode, which deletes data and scenarios upon each execution.

To retain scenarios, you can use either the ‘experiment’ or ‘production’ modes (see the documentation).

To run in ‘experiment’ mode and create/run version V1:

python main.py --experiment V1

This ensures that your scenarios and data remain intact.

To run your application with VS Code:

  1. Set up a launch.json file (you can create it under the debug tab in VS Code).
  2. Add the following to the file (.vscode/launch.json):

"args":["--experiment", "V1"],

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