How to restrict acces to Solana programs only to owners of certain NFT collection using Sol Cerberus

I am using Sol Cerberus to manage the access to my Solana program, but I don’t know how can I call my instruction in javascript to test the access using an NFT collection.

For instance this is my Solana program:

use sol_cerberus_macros::rule;


pub mod sol_cerberus_demo {

    use super::*;

    #[rule(Stats, View)]
    pub fn view_stats(ctx: Context<Add>) -> Result<()> {


How can I execute view_stats in my web3 application using an NFT to authenticate the request?

>Solution :

You have a good example in the docs. For instance if you have created the role "Authorized" and assigned it to your NFT collection address "MY_NFT_COLLECTION_MINT_ADDRESS" in the SC Manager, then you can do something like this:

{PublicKey} from '@solana/web3.js';

const solCerberus = new SolCerberus(connection, myWallet, {appId: new PublicKey("PASTE_YOUR_SC_APP_ID_HERE")});
await solCerberus.fetchAllRoles()
await solCerberus.fetchPerms()

await solCerberus.login({
  nfts: [
      new PublicKey("MY_NFT_MINT_ADDRESS"), 

if (solCerberus.hasPerm("Stats", "view")){
    try {
        // Add square
        await yourAnchorProgram.methods
            ...(await solCerberus.accounts("Stats", "view")), // Fetches the requires SC accounts
    } catch (e) {
        // If user is not authorized, you can easily catch the error and inform the user:
        if (solCerberus.isUnauthorizedError(e)) {
            alert("Not authorized!")

If you don’t know in advance NFT addresses, you can easily fetch them like explained in Solana’s cookbook.

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