Google sheets function to get dates from a range

Is there a function in google sheets to get a list of dates from a range, given that the range has text and date types.
i tried using the filter formula and is date as following:


This didnt work, but all my search shows that these 2 formulas are my best bet to make this work.

Any help is appreciated

>Solution :

Try this

=FILTER(H45:J45, ISTEXT(H45:J45)<>true)


This formula =FILTER(H45:J45, ISTEXT(H45:J45)<>true) works because it filters a range (H45:J45) to include only cells that contain text values. The ISTEXT function checks if a cell contains text, and the <> true part ensures that only cells where the result is not equal to "true" (i.e., cells that do not contain text) are included in the filtered result.

The OP formula =FILTER(H45:J45, ISDATE()) doesn’t work as intended because the ISDATE function is not designed to check for the presence of dates in a range. Instead, it checks if a given value is a valid date. Since you didn’t specify a value within the ISDATE function, it treats the function as if it’s checking the entire range (H45:J45) for date values, which isn’t its intended use.

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