Pass column from db query result to javascript

I’m trying to write a SQL query to hit my WordPress database as I need some of the info for my front end. However, I’m not getting anything from it. I can see the info in the database itself, so something is wrong with my query string.

$priceQuery = "SELECT `option_value` FROM {$wpdb->prefix}`options` WHERE `option_name` = 'apv_price'";
$results = $wpdb->get_results($priceQuery, 'ARRAY_A');

I’m using the following <script> to log out my info to the browser:

  console.log("results: ", <?php echo implode(",", $results) ?>);

However, all I get is result: in my console. I used the CodeWP AI to help me write this, and it suggested the {$wpdb->prefix} for the query. The table is fully titled wp_options. I’ve tried the query with both and still get no result. Does anybody see where I went wrong?

Edited to add image of info in DB:
enter image description here

>Solution :

$results is a 2-dimensional array — each element of the array is a row of the results represented as an associative array.

So use array_column($results, 'option_value') to get the array of values, and implode this.

You also need to quote the resulting string when substituting it into JavaScript. Use json_encode() to convert it to a properly formated JavaScript string.

  console.log("results: ", <?php echo json_encode(implode(",", array_column($results, 'option_value'))); ?>);

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