Where does the Youtube download videos on Mac?

I just switched to Mac and still learning things. I have been looking for Youtube premium download location but I couldn’t find it anywhere, I don’t know where is anything tbh.

I am using Edge and it was on Edge’s userdata folder on Windows so I checked it’s files but couldn’t find anything.

>Solution :

YouTube has made some changes to how it handles downloaded videos, especially with services like YouTube Premium. In the past, when you downloaded a video, it would typically be stored locally on your device. However, nowadays, YouTube uses something called a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and cloud storage.

Here’s how it works in simpler terms:

CDN (Content Delivery Network): Think of a CDN as a network of super-fast servers spread out around the world. When you watch or download a video, it’s not coming directly from YouTube’s main server; it’s coming from a server closer to you in this CDN. This makes things faster and more reliable.

Cloud Storage: Instead of downloading a video to your computer, YouTube now saves it in the cloud. The cloud is like a giant digital storage space that’s not on your computer but on the internet. So, when you download a video with YouTube Premium, it’s stored in the cloud.

This shift from local storage to the cloud and CDN helps YouTube manage content more efficiently and reduce piracy risks. It also means that you might not see downloaded videos on your Mac like you used to. They are safely stored in the cloud, and you can access them when you’re online, but they won’t clutter up your local storage.

So, to sum it up, YouTube now uses CDN and cloud storage to make things faster and more secure, and this is why you might not find downloaded videos on your Mac as you did before. They are stored safely in the cloud for you to enjoy when you’re online.

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