MacOS Sonoma and Docker Issues

I updated Sonoma on my MacBook Pro. Now when I try to do a compose build I get the following errors:

ERROR [db-crm internal] load metadata for 
ERROR [dbpool-crm internal] load metadata for

failed to solve: postgres:15.2: failed to authorize: failed to fetch oauth token: unexpected status from GET request to 401 Unauthorized

I uninstalled Docker and re-installed the latest version of the Apple Silicon version of Docker (4.24.0 (122432)), but the problem still persists. Doing some Google, but haven’t found a solution to the issue. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I have a 2021 Apple M1 Max with 32GB and 2TB drive.

>Solution :

I’m not a Mac user, but I’ve gotten that error before.

try running:

docker login

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