Combine multiple rows based on ID column

I have the following df:

df<- structure(list( = c("0034y00002kIZ3rAAG", 
"0034y00002kIZ3rAAG", "0034y00002kIZ3rAAG", "0034y00002PpX11AAF", 
"0034y00002PpX11AAF", "0034y00002PpX11AAF", "0034y00002jHjYKAA0", 
"0034y00002jHjYKAA0", "0034y00002jHjYKAA0"), `Fitness Goal` = c(2L, 
NA, NA, -1L, NA, NA, NA, 1L, NA), `Nutrition/Hydration Goal` = c(NA, 
NA, NA, NA, 0L, NA, 2L, NA, NA), `Lifestyle Goal` = c(NA, NA, 
2L, NA, NA, 0L, NA, NA, 1L)), class = c("grouped_df", "tbl_df", 
"tbl", "data.frame"), row.names = c(NA, -9L), groups = structure(list( = c("0034y00002PpX11AAF", "0034y00002jHjYKAA0", 
    "0034y00002kIZ3rAAG"), .rows = structure(list(4:6, 7:9, 1:3), ptype = integer(0), class = c("vctrs_list_of", 
    "vctrs_vctr", "list"))), class = c("tbl_df", "tbl", "data.frame"
), row.names = c(NA, -3L), .drop = TRUE))

I’m hoping to collapse these rows together based on the X18contactid column. So, the final df would consist of 3 rows (3 unique IDs), and four columns (id, fitness goal, nutrition/hydration, lifestyle).

I’ve tried various solutions that I’ve found on here from summarize functions to

 lapply: df2<- df[, lapply(.SD, paste0, collapse=""),] 

However, none of them seem to work. I can pivot it longer, remove the NA’s and then pivot it wide again which gives me the row format that I want, however, it gives the following warning message which restricts the functions I am able to do on the columns afterwards:

Values from `value` are not uniquely identified; output will contain list-cols.

Note: I can get rid of this warning message by assigning a unique row number to each when I use pivot_wider, however, the output is the same as df, where the rows are not grouped by the id variable.

Any help/insight with this would be appreciated.

>Solution :

in Base R:

aggregate(, df, na.omit, na.action = identity) Fitness Goal Nutrition/Hydration Goal Lifestyle Goal
1   0034y00002jHjYKAA0            1                        2              1
2   0034y00002kIZ3rAAG            2                        1              2
3   0034y00002PpX11AAF           -1                        0              0

pivot_longer(df,-1, values_drop_na = TRUE)%>%

# A tibble: 3 × 4
# Groups: [3] `Fitness Goal` `Nutrition/Hydration Goal` `Lifestyle Goal`
  <chr>                         <int>                      <int>            <int>
1 0034y00002kIZ3rAAG                2                          1                2
2 0034y00002PpX11AAF               -1                          0                0
3 0034y00002jHjYKAA0                1                          2                1

In datatable

dcast(na.omit(melt(df, 1)), Fitness Goal Nutrition/Hydration Goal Lifestyle Goal
1:   0034y00002PpX11AAF           -1                        0              0
2:   0034y00002jHjYKAA0            1                        2              1
3:   0034y00002kIZ3rAAG            2                        1              2

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