How do I see only new commits between refs in GitHub?

In git I can easily see the new commits between references like this:

git log SHA1..SHA2

In GitHub I can easily see a git log output with

How can I see the same log from the above git command in a GitHub webpage? (For the record, does not work.)

>Solution :

You can’t get the exact equivalent of SHA1..SHA2, but SHA1...SHA2 (shows commits reachable by either of the two references, but not both of them); see the documentation.

For example:…go1.21.2

The references can be anything "commit-ish": commit SHAs, tags, branch names…

For the definition of .. and ... for git on the command line, see the git log documentation.

For GitHub, this doesn’t seem to be documented, but .. shows a diff, and ... shows commits and file diffs in separate tabs.

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