Unable to get bool data type

Newbie in C#.
Trying to use the below code to check if a certain bucket exists in S3.

using System;
using Amazon.S3;
using Amazon.S3.Util;

namespace CRO
    internal class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID", "123");
            Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY", "456");
            Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("AWS_REGION", "ap-southeast-2");


        public static async Task<bool> DoesBucketExist(string bucketName)
            using (var s3Client = new AmazonS3Client(Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID"), Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY")))
                DateTime currentDateTime = DateTime.Now;
                Console.WriteLine("Current date and time: " + currentDateTime);

                return await AmazonS3Util.DoesS3BucketExistV2Async(s3Client, bucketName);

I’m expecting a boolean value (true or false) to be returned.
But when I check the data type below is what I get instead of a "boolean".


Very new to the C# world. Just wondering what I’m doing wrong.

Trying with .net core if it helps.

>Solution :

To get the value from the async method, you should use await. Also, you should change the Main method to an asynchronous method.

static async Task Main(string[] args)

    Console.WriteLine(await DoesBucketExist("randombucket"));

Object.GetType() returns the type name of the instance.

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