Assembly Ubuntu x86 segmentation fault

I’ve got the following assembly piece of code:

section .text
  global _start
      ; Store the argument string on stack
      xor  eax, eax 
      push eax          ; Use 0 to terminate the string
      push "bash"
      mov al, 0x2f      ; Set "/" to the least significant byte of eax
      push eax          ; Add "/" onto the stack
      push "/bin"
      mov  ebx, esp     ; Get the string address

      ; Construct the argument array argv[]
      xor eax, eax      ; eax = 0x00000000
      push eax          ; argv[1] = 0
      push ebx          ; argv[0] points "/bin/bash"
      mov  ecx, esp     ; Get the address of argv[]
      ; For environment variable 
      xor  edx, edx     ; No env variables 

      ; Invoke execve()
      mov   al, 0x0b    ; eax = 0x0000000b
      int 0x80

It’s supposed to call bash shell but it gives a segmentation fault after compiling to object code and linking to generate binary.
OS Ubuntu x86. Thanks in advance!

Adding extra shashes is forbidden to complete this task.

>Solution :

Problem is the mov al, 0x2f; push eax which will push 4 bytes not 1.

  push "h"
  push "/bas"
  push "/bin"
  mov  ebx, esp     ; Get the string address

Also make sure you create 32 bit binary.

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