Azure B2C: How can I add a button for AAD login in existing policy w/ self asserted template?

I have created a custom policy for logging in. However, it only contemplates the usual user/password login. I now want to add a microsoft login button.

My question is, how would I change the html template to do it? I am currently working with the selfasserted.cshtml one, and as I understand these are predefined, so changing it is either very difficult or impossible.

I’ve set up microsoft authentication in another page that has a different policy, and XML-wise I’m more or less confident on what to do, but I fail to see how to make said change on the interface.

Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

enter image description here

>Solution :

You will need to add the identity provider as a ClaimsExchange to the CombinedSignInAndSignUp orchestration steps of your XML policy to surface it to the UI.

You can learn how to add an identity provider in the Microsoft Learn – Add MSA identity provider documentation.

Once it is visible to the UI, you can apply your custom styling.

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