bash: iteration within for loop with numbers

The following bash script automatically produces N number of files using i number in the naming according to the given sequence:


for i in $(seq 2 $prod_parts); do
prev=$((i - 1))
next=$((i + 1))
printf "something" > ext0"$i".txt

which produces 29 filles with the names

ext029.txt  ext026.txt  ext022.txt  ext015.txt  ext011.txt  ext05.txt 
ext030.txt  ext023.txt  ext019.txt  ext016.txt  ext09.txt   ext06.txt
ext027.txt  ext024.txt  ext017.txt  ext012.txt  ext07.txt   ext02.txt
ext028.txt  ext020.txt  ext018.txt  ext013.txt  ext08.txt   ext03.txt
ext025.txt  ext021.txt  ext014.txt  ext010.txt  ext04.txt   

how could I modify my script to automatically remove ZERO starting from the 10th, which should give me something like:

ext09.txt  ext26.txt  ext22.txt  ext15.txt  ext11.txt  ext05.txt 
ext30.txt  ext23.txt  ext19.txt  ext16.txt  ext09.txt   ext06.txt
ext27.txt  ext24.txt  ext17.txt  ext12.txt  ext07.txt   ext02.txt
ext28.txt  ext20.txt  ext18.txt  ext13.txt  ext08.txt   ext03.txt
ext25.txt  ext21.txt  ext14.txt  ext10.txt  ext04.txt   

>Solution :

What probably could solve your problem would be using printf to format the numbers with the exact number of digits that you need:

for i in $(seq 2 "$prod_parts"); do
prev=$((i - 1))
next=$((i + 1))
## print the number $i using at least 2 digits
## padding with 0s if necessary into $suffix
suffix=$(printf "%02d" "$i") 
printf "something" > ext"$suffix".txt

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