browser opens .ini file as video (media)

I’m running a TWiki-Web on Apache in our local network.
Whenever I try to download an attached .ini-File, the browser (I tried several) tries to open it as some kind of media starting a video-player.
I’m a bit stuck here. I want the browser to thread the file as text but I don’t know if this ist some configuration I have to do in my local browser, in the TWiki-System or at the webserver?
When I try to "Save link as…" opera will download the file correctly as .ini but Firefox wants to add a "mp3"-Extension instead of .ini

Anyone can help me with that?

>Solution :

Edit Apache Configurations

  1. run

sudo nano /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

  1. then add

AddType text/plain .ini

  1. then close and save and restart your server

sudo service httpd restart

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