GLM linking in CMakeLists.txt

Advertisements I cannot link glm library with my executable. I tried link via ${GLM_INCLUDE_DIRS}, ${GLM_LIBRARIES} and ${GLM_LIBRARY_DIRS} cmake variables but it does not work. How can I link libraries and inludes of glm with my executable? I am using find_package() method : find_package(glm REQUIRED PATHS "${GLM_BINARY_DIR}" NO_DEFAULT_PATH) And does not have any problem with find_package()… Read More GLM linking in CMakeLists.txt

PyInstaller –add-data from script

Advertisements I’m trying to create an executable file out of my python project. I’m using the function ‘make_executable’ to build an executable file. Running the command to add data raises an error like: pyinstaller: error: unrecognized arguments: –add-data C:\Users<>… –add-data: C:\Users<>… def make_executable(main_script: str, files_to_add: List[str], target_location: str = None, name: str = ‘app’, single_file:… Read More PyInstaller –add-data from script

Why can not while(*s++ = *t++); be compiled after checking "out-of-bounds"?

Advertisements I am currently learning "pointers by following the book "The C Programming Language" by Brian and Dennis. I failed to compile: #include <stdio.h> void _strcpy(char *s, char *t) { while(*s++ = *t++) ; } And the error messages are: warning: using the result of an assignment as a condition without parentheses [-Wparentheses] while(*s++ =… Read More Why can not while(*s++ = *t++); be compiled after checking "out-of-bounds"?