Clearing decorator ipywidgets

Advertisements I have a function which plots a graph with a couple ipywidgets as inputs: from IPython.display import clear_output def on_clicker(button): clear_output() @widgets.interact(dropdown=widgets.Dropdown(…), datepicker=widgets.DatePicker(…) def grapher(dropdown, datepicker): global recalculate … some graphing stuff display(recalculate) recalculate.on_click(on_clicker) The idea is that clicking recalculate calls the graph again and clears the past output. However, when I try this… Read More Clearing decorator ipywidgets

How can i pause this code in Jupyter Notebook?

Advertisements When i click the Submit answer button, additional codes can only be run after that. import ipywidgets as widgets Here are a few lines of code that are responsible for the look of the button etc. selector = widgets.RadioButtons( options=[‘Valid’, ‘Invalid’, ‘Skip’], value=None, description=”, disabled=False ) button = widgets.Button( description=’Submit answer’, disabled=False, button_style=”, )… Read More How can i pause this code in Jupyter Notebook?