How to disable logging in easy localization package in flutter?

I’m using easy localization package in my flutter app and the logger keeps firing Localization key not found !. It’s annoying and i can’t trace anything in my terminal, How can i disable it ? >Solution : For disable logger, change Build Modes in [Easy Logger] to empty List link EasyLocalization.logger.enableBuildModes = [];

tr() of EasyLocalization is not accessible in flutter

I am trying to do language translation, I initialized it on main file,here my main file looks like Future<void> main() async { WidgetsFlutterBinding.ensureInitialized(); await EasyLocalization.ensureInitialized(); SystemChrome.setPreferredOrientations( [DeviceOrientation.portraitUp, DeviceOrientation.portraitDown]).then((_) { runApp(EasyLocalization( supportedLocales: [ Locale(‘en’), Locale(‘tr’), ], path: ‘assets/language’, fallbackLocale: Locale(‘en’), child: BaseWidget())); }); } BaseWidget file code class BaseWidget extends StatefulWidget { const BaseWidget({Key? key}) :… Read More tr() of EasyLocalization is not accessible in flutter