While loop only takes one condition

The while loop command only takes one condition or it’ll ignore them entirely. The script ends up running the program infinitely. I’ve tried running the keyboard condition as a variable. I’ve also tried a variable counter (while i < 4) as one of the conditions with the same results. Switching the conditions and putting them… Read More While loop only takes one condition

Infinite loop testing

How could I test an infinite loop? For example: func.py def func(): while True: char = input().lower() if char == ‘q’: break elif char.isalpha(): print("It’s not a number") if int(char) == #some_number break else: print(‘Try again’) test.py def test_func(): ??? Is there any solution for testing this? >Solution : You can use unittest to mock… Read More Infinite loop testing

Infinite-loop problems

I was doing some challenges from Coding.Dojo algorithm challenges and I’m stuck at "The Final Countdown" challenge. So this is what I was asked to do: Give 4 parameters (param1, param2, param3, param4),print the multiples of param1, starting at param2 and extending to param3.If a multiple is equal to param4 then skip-don’t print that one.… Read More Infinite-loop problems

Can i have a infinite loop without crashing it?

I want to make this code infinite loop (i placed it in loop.js) without crashing the browser with a really short delay player.style.right = (Number(player.style.right.split("px")[0]) – dx) + "px"; player.style.top = (Number(player.style.right.split("px")[0]) – dy) + "px"; if (player.style.right.split("px")[0] > 315) { player.style.right = 315 + "px"; } if (player.style.right.split("px")[0] < -30) { player.style.right = -30… Read More Can i have a infinite loop without crashing it?