Text size in Quasar input field

I have a text box for a ten-digit phone number. The box is 300px wide and the font looks small and condensed. How can I increase both the font size and spacing in the QInput component? >Solution : You can use :input-style="{ fontSize: ’35px’ }" https://codepen.io/Pratik__007/pen/abGGgqb

how can i filter a array in Vue3

I have to filter a array with same item and push results into another array My array is let list = [ {"name":"1000","properties":{"item":"1","unit":"DZN"}}, {"name":"2000","properties":{"item":"1","unit":"CTN"}}, {"name":"3000","properties":{"item":"2","unit":"DZN"}}, {"name":"4000","properties":{"item":"3","unit":"CTN"}} ] I need corresponding name with condition item =1 in another array. Result array will be similar to [{1000, 2000}] TIA >Solution : If I understand correctly you want… Read More how can i filter a array in Vue3