Save plot using matplotlib

I try to generate two separate wordcloud for positive and negative. However, when I use savefig it only save the last figure. The last figure is negative sentiment. TEXT_COLUMN = ‘pre_process’ TARGET_COLUMN = ‘label’ # visualize the data on a WordCloud def visualize(label): words = ” for msg in data[data[TARGET_COLUMN] == label][TEXT_COLUMN]: msg = msg.lower()… Read More Save plot using matplotlib

frequency of string (comma separated) in Python

I’m trying to find the frequency of strings from the field "Select Investors" on this website Is there a way to pull out the frequency of each of the comma separated strings? For example, how frequent does the term "Sequoia Capital China" show up? >Solution : # Extract data url = "" df =… Read More frequency of string (comma separated) in Python