Strip A specific part from a url string in python


Im passing through some urls and I’d like to strip a part of it which dynamically changes so I don’t know it firsthand.
An example url is:


And I’d like to strip the gid=lostchapter part without any of the rest.

How do I do that?

>Solution :

You can use urllib to convert the query string into a Python dict and access the desired item:

In [1]: from urllib import parse

In [2]: s = "https://...?pid=2&gid=lostchapter&lang=en_GB&practice=1&channel=desktop&demo=2"

In [3]: q = parse.parse_qs(parse.urlsplit(s).query)

In [4]: q
{'pid': ['2'],
 'gid': ['lostchapter'],
 'lang': ['en_GB'],
 'practice': ['1'],
 'channel': ['desktop'],
 'demo': ['2']}

In [5]: q["gid"]
Out[5]: ['lostchapter']

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