Spill formula to lookup matching row data in one sheet with column data in another and evaluate corresponding cells


I have two sheets, one with month/year data spilt across the row from I2 using the formula =EDATE(DATE(2017,8,1), SEQUENCE(1,401,0)) and another with month and expenditure data running down the columns.

I’d like to insert a spill formula in to I3 in the first sheet to lookup the month from I2# with the corresponding month in the second sheet and if found, multiply the values in columns D and E.

With the data being in rows on one sheet and columns in the other I’m not sure how to tackle this.

The following is a sample of the data in the second sheet:

Month Projected Costs Actual Costs Monthly Employees Monthly Per Employee Costs
Nov-19 £2,000 £3,000 5 £600
Dec-19 £10,000 11 £909
Jan-20 £18,000 19 £947
Feb-20 £18,000 19 £947
Mar-20 £18,000 19 £947
Apr-20 £18,000 19 £947
May-20 £18,000 19 £947
Jun-20 £18,000 19 £947
Jul-20 £18,000 19 £947
Aug-20 £18,000 19 £947
Sep-20 £18,000 19 £947
Oct-20 £18,000 19 £947

>Solution :

By using I2# correctly in your formula, the output will be the same size/dimensions as I2#. One way of doing it would be separate lookups on columns D and E respectively which are then multiplied together.

=XLOOKUP(I2#, Sheet1!A:A, Sheet1!D:D) * XLOOKUP(I2#, Sheet1!A:A, Sheet1!E:E)

(You might wish to add an IFERROR() function around the outside of that to clear up all the months where data isn’t found)

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