How to extract a specific substring (based on regex) from an array of strings


I have a big array of strings:

['{{Wanted Value}}', 'true', '{{Wanted Value}}', '{{Wanted Value}} unwanted {{Wanted Value}}', 'false'...]

I want to filter the array and extract every {{Wanted Value}} substring to a new array. If the item in the array contains 2 or more of these substrings, I want to have each of them as a separate item. So the result of the above array would be:

['{{Wanted Value}}', {{Wanted Value}}', {{Wanted Value}}', {{Wanted Value}}']

I wrote the regex I want to use but not sure how to write the filter function correctly:


Thank you

>Solution :

You can try this approach

  • flatMap is to collect all matched strings
  • filter is to get rid of empty results
const data =['{{Wanted Value}}', 'true', '{{Wanted Value}}', '{{Wanted Value}} unwanted {{Wanted Value}}', 'false']

const result = data.flatMap(stringData => stringData.match(/\{\{(.+?)\}\}/g)).filter(stringData => stringData);


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