Using async await on .then function with parameters

I’m doing some functional testing with mocha. I stored my functions name, parameters and sucess message in local JSON file. I am checking my database response with local JSON response.
I’m using .then and .catch everywhere. I am looking to clean up a code with async await. How I can use async await here?

it('Check Authentication', (done) => {
    readFileData('checkAuth').then(({ params, message}) => {
      login.checkAuth({ ...params })
        .then((result) => {
          assert(result.message === message);
        .catch((err) => done(err));

>Solution :

Something like this. Haven’t tested it tho. Basically instead of .then() you just await the call. Note that there is async before (done) callback. .catch() can be caught with try/catch block.

it('Check Authentication', async (done) => {
       let response = await readFileData('checkAuth');
       try {
         let message = await login.checkAuth({ ...response.params }); // or w/e the response is
         // assert the message
       } (catch e) {
          // do something with the error

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