VS2019 explicit specialization requires template<> error with 'using' keyword

I have this piece of c++ code, and VS2019 to compile it:

#include <iostream>
template<typename t>
class c


int main(){
    using o = class c<int>;

does anybody know why it does not compile, complaining about:

Error   C2906   'c<int>': explicit specialization requires 'template <>'

With mingw-gcc it compiles and runs without error.

Here you can compare compiler outputs: https://godbolt.org/z/55fMzh8qz

Thanks in advance.

>Solution :

class is unnecessary in the using statement, I think visual studio thinks you are trying to declare a specialisation of c:

template <>
class c<int>;

hence the error message.

All you need is:

using o = c<int>;

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