Why is pandas inserting index to my to_sql even if i drop it?

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I have a dataframe:

    ticker  year    GHG         provided
0   SECO.AB 2020    190748000   True
1   MT.NA   2020    182300000   True
2   HOLN.SW 2020    129000000   True

but when I try to insert into my DB I get the index as a table:

df[['ticker', 'year', 'GHG','provided']].to_sql('tmp_GHG', engine, if_exists='replace', method='multi')

I have tried:


but it didn’t make a difference and as you can see above I specified the column names to insert but it still didn’t work.

Basically when I insert, in my DB I see a column called index with 0,1,2… In theory, I could drop it but I don’t want it inserted there to begin with.

what can I do?

>Solution :

Set one of the columns as index before upload.


df= df.set_index('ticker')

An alternative would be hiding the index before upload.

Can also try Try


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