I want to get the randomly picked key value from the dictionaries list but I got a type error.(note the list is long so putting a index is difficult)

def data_change(account):
  data_name = data["name"]
  data_desc = data["description"]
  data_country = data["country"]
  return f"{data_name}, is a {data_desc}, from {data_country}"

print(f"option A : {data_change(data_a)}") 

The above code is data I want to process for the random data to display.
the list dictionary below are the first 2 example data

 data = [
        'name': 'Instagram',
        'follower_count': 346,
        'description': 'Social media platform',
        'country': 'United States'
        'name': 'Cristiano Ronaldo',
        'follower_count': 215,
        'description': 'Footballer',
        'country': 'Portugal'

and the error display is
TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not str

on the line: data_name = data["name"]

yes, I searched for numerous solutions but it didn’t get my problem solved.

like from this link


if u want to want the full file for the code ask me ok. it is a work in progress

>Solution :

Data is a list and not a dictionary so you use zero based index to enumerate the items in the list. You could enumerate the items via a for loop like this:

def data_change(data):
    ans = []
    for account in data:
        data_name = account["name"]
        data_desc = account["description"]
        data_country = account["country"]
        ans.append(f"{data_name}, is a {data_desc}, from {data_country}")
    return "\n".join(ans)

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