How to save image in an already existing directory?

I have created a new directory named augmented, so I wanted to save opened image by adding a random bounding box. How do I save the edited image in the Augmented directory??

import os
from PIL import Image
import cv2
name = "Augmented"
if not os.path.isdir(name):

new_path = f[:-10]

img_file = []
EXT = ['.jpeg','.png','.jpg']
path = os.getcwd()
mydir = os.listdir(new_path)
for i in mydir:
    k = os.path.splitext(i)
    if k[1] in EXT:

for img in img_file:
    image = cv2.imread(img)
    image1 = cv2.rectangle(image,(234,43),(45,256), (0,0,254), 2)
    cv2.imshow("Image" ,image1)
    filename1 = os.path.splitext(img)[0]
    ext = '.jpg'
    filename = filename1+ext

>Solution :

If you want to save image in augmented directory. just use this:

name = "Augmented" # As you have already used this variable
final_dir = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), name)
image_file = os.path.join(final_dir, "output.jpg")##you can change image name as you wish
cv2.imwrite(image_file, image1) ## image1 is already defined in your code

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