Return Expression Check Condition in C++

Still getting used to the formatting when writing C++ code, come from a Lua background.
How do I correctly format a if/conditional expressions as my example highlights below.

This will correctly run, but with warnings which is unideal:

return (boolean == true) and init() or 0;

Highlighted Warning:

expected a ';'C/C++ (between "(boolean == true)" "and")

>Solution :

and and or are keywords are considered a bit archaic. They are technically valid C++ keywords in modern C++ (since C++98 it seems). You must be using a very old C++ compiler that was written before they were added to C++. They, and their usage, never took off. Classical && and || operators continue to rule the roost and are not going anywhere.

Therefore: although it is true that this expression should be logically equivalent to boolean && init(), you might want to consider assigning somewhat higher priority of updating your C++ compiler to something more modern, if that’s indeed the reason for the compilation error.

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