prevent link click event except open in new window hotkey is pressed

So I have my website, a website without reload between site switches.
For SEO reasons, my links look like this:

<a href="/site2" id="viewmore">View more</a>
// code is strongly simplified, for more clarity
document.getElementById("viewmore").addEventListener("click",function(e) {

myHandler is the site handler in this case.

If I click the hotkey for opening a link in a new tab (on Mac it is CMD+Click), it does not work, as the event is prevented.

How to check if the link should open in a new tab or not? (Check if the hotkey is pressed or not)

>Solution :

Not sure I understood it, but try this

document.getElementById("viewmore").addEventListener("click", (e) => {
 // ctrlKey / altKey / shiftKey
 if (e.ctrlKey) myHandler.goTo(e.currentTarget.href);
 else e.preventDefault();

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