JS Select dynamic id by pattern

Is it possible to select a dynamic ID. I have a page where I have a block with the id pattern <div id="post-id-{1,2,3,...}">...</div>. Since there is a different ID for each post in the detail view, I can’t tell in advance which ID it will be. Nevertheless I want to select the block. Can I do something like passing a regex like \poll-id-(id)\ to querySelector? Or do I have to store the post ID somewhere to build my querySelector string from it?

>Solution :

You can use startsWith attribute selector:




or the whole thing, but then you need to escape the curlies and other characters the selector does not like


const id = CSS.escape(`post-id-{1,2,3,4}`)
<div id="post-id-{1,2,3,4}">Div with nasty ID</div>

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