Rmarkdown read_chunk and cross reference

I have a plots.R file which has following format

## ---- t1-1 ------

## --- t2-1 ---

I am reading this file via knitr::read_chunk in another Rmarkdown file named force.Rmd. Problem is I want to cross reference it? How can I do that when the chunk label is same as in plots.R

format of force.Rmd file is


`{r t1-1,echo=F}

I want to cross reference this chunk as /@ref(fig:t1-1) but this is not working since the chunk label is the same in plots.R. I am using bookdown package in force.Rmd file in YAML header with fig_caption: yes.

>Solution :

In order to cross-reference figures in bookdown, the figure has to be put in a figure environment to generate the figure number. I believe this requires the figure to have a caption, which is generated with the fig.cap='string' option for that code chunk.

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