Use map() with useState and functions

I am new to React and I have a question.

I have two useStates

const [min, setMin] = useState("");
const [new, setNew] = useState("");

A function that takes the value of the first parameter and, after a check, uses the second parameter to make the set of the useState

const checkOne = (evt, setstate) => {
    const result = ......;

And an object.
This has a "value" field with the value of the useState.
A "check" field that calls a check function that then values the useState.

const fields =  [{"id":1, "value": {min}, "check": {checkOne(e, setMin)}, "label": 'text1, "placehoder": "15"},
                 {"id":2, "value": {new}, "check": {checkTwo(e, setNew)}, "label": 'text2, "placehoder": "10"},

When I use map(), how can I enhance the value field (with "value") and the onChange event (with the "check" field)?

{ =>
    <div key={}>
        <input type="text" value={XXX} onChange={YYY} placeholder={dev.placehoder} />

Thanks for the help

>Solution :

You need to make the check field a reference and not call the function.

Here’s how:

  const [min, setMin] = useState('');
  const [val, setVal] = useState('');

  const checkOne = (evt, setState) => {
    const result =;

  const fields = [
      id: 1,
      value: min,
      check: (e) => checkOne(e, setMin),
      label: 'text1, "placehoder": "15"',
      id: 2,
      value: val,
      check: (e) => checkOne(e, setVal),
      label: 'text2, "placehoder": "10"',

And then render it like:


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