How to get first record in many to many relationship using laravel

my model

 public function semesters(): BelongsToMany
        return $this->belongsToMany(Semester::class)
        ->orderBy('name', 'desc');

my controller code

$semesters = Auth::guard('student')->user()->semesters;

my blade code is

{{ dd($semesters->name) }}

and the error is

Property [name] does not exist on this collection instance.

my expectation is to get singal semester name in blade

>Solution :

The error you’re facing is due to the issue you’re not referring to the correct data. You can do it by doing something like this:

$semesters = Auth::guard('student')->user()->semesters;
$semesterName = $semesters->first()->name;
return view('your-blade-view', compact('semesterName'));

and then you can use semesterName to render the name on frontend. The code will fetch the first result and then get the name from the result. Hope this helps.

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